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The Juggernaut Powerlifting shoe combines a sleek aesthetic with functional ergonomic design to supercharge your workouts and help you crush PR's. An ultra high density and uniformly flat EV outersole ensures maximum surface contact and force transmission from the floor to the barbell.

Powerlifting shoes are a far superior choice to runners for Squats, Bench Press and Olympic lifting. Runners are good at absorbing shock - the very opposite of what you want during squats and Olympic lifts etc. Our Juggernaut PL shoe will ensure all the force you produce is transmitted to the bar and not dissipated via absorption.

The raised heel offers mechanical advantage allowing you to perform a squat at depth without heel-lift and medial knee displacement.

Product Features:

  • 25mm raised heel with 14mm drop
  • Ultra-dense EV-matrix Outersole
  • Opposing Dual-strap design for maximum stability and lock-down
  • PU Leather upper for strength, durability and breath-ability
  • Engineered for Powerlifters, Weightlifters & Bodybuilders
  • Striking black & prison orange aesthetic design 

Sizing Details:

  • Please see size chart for exact measurements.

Other Information:

  • Purchase with peace of mind - money back guaranteed!

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